Saturday, June 12, 2010

My First Car

A monologue i whipped up for drama while getting out of the shower. I tell you thats when i think of my best stuff

Dating her was like driving my first car. I loved her but she was just too much on insurance. Maintenance was through the roof and she failed every verbal emissions test, and yet…I’d take her over a Ferrari any day of the week; god knows she can move as fast as one. But she was dangerous. She had no safety features. No airbags, no seatbelts. She was a dangerous ride. She was always spinning out mentally. Her grip on reality was terrible. No traction control whatsoever. And yet despite all of these flaws when I step back and look at the curves on her body...and that spacious trunk, I miss her. I miss the way the seats would hold me when I got in, and the noise she made when I turned her on. Forget the near death experiences I wanted more of her. I wanted to pop her clutch and shift her gears till she started to shake. I wanted to take her around the world, and I would have too…but she just couldn’t handle it. Every time we got just outside of Toronto she would start to rattle and fall apart. I would always take her back and fix her up but I could never get her to hold together long enough to actually go somewhere. I felt obligated to keep trying though. I wasn’t going to give up on my first love. I kept trying until one day we were speeding on the highway and a belt snapped in the engine. She overheated and blew a head gasket. Smoke started spewing from the hood and I couldn’t see where we were going. We smashed in to a wall. I was lucky to escape the flaming wreckage with my life. Maybe one day I’ll take the charred remains and rebuild her, try again. Get her a nice new paint job and buy her some chrome. But for now I need a reliable car. A car than can get me from A to B without running out of gas every ten miles. I may not love her the same way but she’ll get me by. Maybe ill get a mini-van or an old Toyota corolla…

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