Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Hindi Caste System

While rummaging through my old assignments and files on my usb stick, i found a journal i got my co-op receptionist to write for me while i was at Lenz Entertainment, a music production house, for co-op.

This week Matthew, the humble receptionist, delivered an extensive tutorial concerning the caste system within the entertainment industry. Unfortunately if paralleled with the Hindi caste system, I’d be a woman. Although this may seem like an attack on women, it is not. Rather it is a short introductory illustration that situates my status within co-op.
I imagined a glorious workspace where creative minds expelled the bright colors of creativity, where music springs forth from an idea and a melody, where art is created. Little did I know that most of the glory resided in contracts, figuring out licensing, and administrative meetings determining the logistics of the project. Those able to bask in the creative light are very few, and I am not one of them.
I can’t complain, though. I have mastered the art of monotonous data entry, and figured out how to cut 33 seconds from Michael’s daily shoe shine. He is a wonderful man, and even though unaware of corporal punishment’s disfavor in our culture, he still wins one’s heart over immediately with his shining smile, and silly rancor.
Ah, entertainment. Who knew? Who knew that behind the creative product, viewed in all its perfection, there is a whole other world of dissatisfaction, which if viewed from a distance is almost more enjoyable. I hope, in my time here, I can be that fly on the wall that revels in the soap opera-esque drama which (If I’m lucky) ensues.

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