Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Christmas Carol

To be sung to the melody of "Noel"

No Elves, No Elves

No elves, no elves
the workers did strike
My accountant messed up
should have hired a...jewish accountant

Now the elves have all resigned
No one here to make toys
Going to outsource my labour
to chinese girls and boys


Twice the hours half the pay
One small break everyday
Plus one billion less children
who need toys christmas day

Homeless children, orphans too
They can all come and stay
Just dont hire the sick kids
theyre dead anyways.


Make my list and check it twice
see whose naughty or nice.
Give the rich kids good presents
give my workers some rice.

For Obama end the war,
all the girls iPhone4.
All the black kids get freedom..
all the white kids LONGBOARDS!

Ship the presents to the states
kill Steve Jobs for Bill Gates
Merry Christmas to all
on this holiest date.