Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I swore i would use this long weekend to write a blog and i think i may just make it before any of you wake up.

The year is 2001 and im sitting in my grade five class. My teacher is Mr. Chiapetta, who is probably one of the strangest, if not most memorable, teachers ive ever had. If he wasnt making us run laps around the school for not finishing homework, he was lecturing us on the importance of drinking milk while doing push-ups, or lecturing us on the importance of doing push-ups while drinking milk. Either way, he was usually doing one of these things while telling us about the other. Always an interesting teacher, always had something cool to share with us. I would have never guessed that there would be consequences to his actions.
Im sitting in class and a glowing Mr. C. walks in to the class. Big smile on his face, happy to announce that he has just purchased the new "abba's greatest hits" album. Without a moments hesitation, he drops it in the cd player and gets to playing the music. Now, at this age, my preference in music was about as narrow as it was in fine wine and cheeses, so i wasnt about to reject my teachers choice in music like most of YOU would today. He plays the cd and likes it SO much that he plays it again. For the rest of this year, i was doomed to hear the same songs over and over again until the end of the year. Brutal...wasnt exactly singing along. After a while i started hearing just white noise. eventualy the year came to an end and i was free from abba.
Fast forward a few years and im just getting hired as an employee at a zellars. Walking around the store i find myself mouthing the words to the song playing through out the store. "What song is this and why do i know the words?", i wonder. Turns out, after a bit of research, it was ABBA. After having heard the same songs OVER and OVER again in grade five, the lyrics to "mamma mia" and "fernando" were engraved in to my memory. Never to be forgotten. After all these years, i STILL know all the words off by heart...and i LOVE IT!
Fuck it. Its late and this blog is dragging on. In conclusion, abba is off the hook. Now heres a bit from and msn conversation i had with a friend that inspired this blog.

Alex:tell me right now you dont listen to abba

Shannon:i dont, eww

Alex:HA, are you kiddig me?

Shannon:why would i listen to abba

Alex:cause they FUCKIN ROCK

Shannon:did you see mama mia

Alex:no, but i think i just might

Shannon:well thats all abba, so you'd like it

Alex:DUH. i think it was forced on me though and this repressed love for
abba just released now


Alex:see, my gr 5 teacher was this cool italian guy and he had picked up the abba cd, im guessing at a concert. anyways, he would play it, all day, every day, to the point where now when im working and they play
abba over the pa, i know the words and i cant remember why


Alex:omg i think i just thought of my next blog...thanks shannon

Shannon:an abba blog....thats social suicide

Alex:thats ok. i dont think anybody knows about my blog anyways...oh god! what if they open it for the first time and see abba..i need a different title

Shannon:call it baab


Shannon:i was gunna say it backwards...butttttt