Monday, May 30, 2011

So a deer walks in to a bar...

 Its been a while and ive been busy, what with the newborn and all, so heres a quick update on recent events.

Our family got a puppy recently and hes super cute but weve completely spoiled him and now hes got the dog equivelent to ADHD. This in turn has led to me taking the role of "disaplinarian" in the house because i dont want him to live the same life i did, getting kicked out of his classes, being put on medication and eventually wanting to become a comedian for a living. I want him to grow up stable and healthy, maybe become a doctor, who knows. In the mean time ive been laying down the hammer and sparing no expences in his schooling. Waking up, feeding him on time, as many walks a day as he needs, EVERYthing. Ill let you guys know how that works out.
in other news, i recently did a twelve hour shift at work and was slowly going crazy due to pent up anger from not getting to go home. Before the end of the night, however, a potato sent from God himself i believe, that was shaped like the male reproductive organ appeared and made my day. Theres a picture of that potato below. Viewer Discretion is adviced. Afterwards however i found another potato that resembled a heart (be it a very unhealthy heart). I kept this potato aside and waited for my manager to come by. When i saw her, i called her over and offered her the heart shaped spud and said "Take my heart, but please dont bake it." She laughed and thought it was cute. I have her right where i want her :).
Last thing i can talk about before i fall asleep on my keyboard is the bb gun i just bought. Just a cheap daisy red ryder but fun none the less. Me and francesco went to a parking lot near a park to test it out, and it worked. Not well, but it worked well enough. Then the sights fell off. Its what i get for buying the cheapest gun there was. Anyways, we looked for the sights for about 45 minutes and called the quits at about 1am.
Heres the interesting part..
So just as were leaving the parking lot (facing the park and trees) four giant, fullsized deer, yes DEER, come out of the trees and start nibbling on the leaves and branches. This was a family of DEER. How they managed to survive in such a small park is beyond me but i saw them. I tried to take a picture but it was too dark. Not that it mattered anyways , cause by the time i put my phone in my pocket the dear were already under attack by francesco and MY bb of the smaller dear got hit and ran away frantically taking its family with it...
So that was my short encounter with a pack of dear. I hope i get another chance to see these dear and maybe watch them for a bit, seeing as i feel a natural kinship with wild animals. Duck, deer, hummingbirds, all creatures are my family. Heres hoping.

Anyways im tired and my left eye just fell asleep so ill talk to you later. Goodnight.
Only after i uploaded this photo did i realize how stupid my blogs have gotten..
Take my heart, but please dont BAKE it.