Saturday, August 8, 2009


I haven’t written a blog in a while...strange that the time I
decide to buckle down and ACTUALLY write one is also the time I’m the
most hung-over I have ever been. I hate drinking...
Anyways, this blog isn’t about drinking. God no. If a drop of alcohol
comes even remotely close to me I think ill hurl, especially that
amaretto shit. There’s a story behind that by the way but you'll never
hear it. Not cause I don’t like you or anything, I just don’t wanna
get into it.
No, this blog is about all the coffee that has recently become
necessary to my daily routine. You see, I have avoided coffee and
caffeine for most of my life but never as much as I have recently. Why
do this horrible, horrible thing? What if I end up being the reason
Tim Horton’s eventually goes bankrupt and closes all of its locations?

-Remind me to write a blog comparing those words to blasphemy and how
easy it is for the general public to develop a crutch on something
like a coffee shop or a god.-

Anyways, where was I...Ah yes, caffeine. The REASON I never
drink coffee is because I noticed caffeine is the source of all and
any acne I ever experienced in my life. Every time I have a coffee or
eat some chocolate I break out all over my face. When I cut the shit
out though, I'm fine. All I really hoped to do with this blog is to
alert the general public of this little known fact...seriously. Yes I
feel bad that I made you read all of that and NONE of it was funny but
sometimes we have to be serious, too, dick. This was my attempt at
addressing a serious matter and I'd like to see you try. I CAN BE
AHHWAHWHHWEHEHEHHE....i'm so fuckin hung-over....