Monday, December 14, 2009


I’ve put out a lot of deep down, confession and emotion which I’m sure all three of my followers are sick of, so I’m happy to inform you guys that this is probably the last one for a while.
These past few months have been an extraordinary high in my life, whose remnants will hang over my head for the next few months to come. My eyes are tired from all the sleepless nights and my ears will thank me for the break I’m about to give them from Dido and Slipknot. A little "power metal rehabilitation" will pick me right up. I guess that’s where Francesco comes in. Those high notes and endless riffs will recalibrate this mind of mush I now possess. But first, I think I’m going to need a week or two to reflect on what happened. It all happened so fast. Gotta go through and think about what I did right, what I did wrong, what I should have done, and what I shouldn’t have ingested.
Giving a rats ass about anything in this world is a gamble, in that it’s not in any way up to you how this thing will behave. Like a hamster that has a sexual attraction to electrical outlets, whether or not you care doesn’t affect what it does. If it doesn’t die or get its little hamster balls electrocuted, all's well, but if it does happen to get freaky with its 110v seductress and, in turn, explode, then you’re out one hamster and probably fucked the rest of the block out of power for a few hours. This is the chance we take when we care about someone. Personally, I prefer the life of an anti social cynic. Don’t get attached, don’t get your hopes up, and you can’t be disappointed. Stay absolutely neutral about everything and you won’t have any problems.
But with THAT argument follows the ever predictable "Better to have loved and lost" argument. My rebuttal to this argument is "fuck love". There is no happiness in the world, only functionality. You work, stimulate the economy, and multiply. "Happy" is a high you feel when you get what you want. Give it a few hundred years, you'll see. Society will become strict. It will be used against us, just like Huxley said. If your needed, then you do what your needed for, otherwise, sex and drugs. What’s the difference between being happy with someone else and being happy and high off your ass on cocaine? People die drugged out all the time in hospitals.
Stop, stop...I don’t like where this is going. Moar about hamster I have been instructed.
Where did we leave off...ah yes. Hamster puts reproductive organ in something electrifying and dangerous. Then the hamster’s family and friends step in and for its own protection advice the hamster not to get too attached. Then the day finally comes when child proof covers are put over the outlets to prevent the hamster from getting it on with the plug anymore. The hamster is heartbroken and understands that it was for the best...maybe the hamster and the outlet should have just been friends...I mean, there’s a very good chance that eventually the hamster can get its feelings in check and be trusted enough to have the protective covers removed so that they can be friends. But still, there is a good chunk of the hamsters heart missing. Not easy to love something and let it go. So the hamster would then go to its hamster friend ham-cesco so that ham-cesco could cheer it up with some hamster metal. After a few hours of hamsterforce the hamster is fine and back on its feet. It goes back to the anti social hamster it once was warm in its self loathing and bitterness towards the world. Thats ok though because thats who the hamster IS. Perhaps the hamster and ham-cesco can both go out to mc’hamsters for some pellet pie mc’flurries with the outlet when the outlet visits. Afterwards they can watch hamsterblanca and......

....I feel better....