Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mayor Leaves CIty During High Concentrations Of Gay Behavior

WELL well would seem that this whole time that i THOUGHT i was writing blog after amazing blog, i was instead in a comatose like state of laziness, which is a shame because i feel like some of the blogs i thought i wrote were really good. However the time has come  to wake up to reality and actually write A BLOG, and i have JUST the topic. While i read the newspaper today, i decided that the most prominent bit of news to talk about is how the mayor of the city isnt going to the gay pride parade and why i seem to have more common sense than these figures and yet am STILL not aloud to use some of the equipment at work.

Past mayors David Miller, Mel Lastman and Barbara Hall have all marched in torontos pride parade, and have shown their dedication to the community by doing so. Mayor Ford, however, recently stated that he wasnt going to be attending the parade because he instead needed to upkeep a family tradition of going up to the cottage on canada day weekend, presumably to get shit faced and have sex with his cousins. Yes, it seems cottaging is more important than attending one of the biggest parades YOUR CITY is hosting.

Now, i dont know what his dad's did to him when he was little, but apparantly it had to do with Fords immune system because hes scared he might catch the ``gay`` if he attends the gay pride parade. Over the course of Ford's campaign he has managed to establish that him and the gay community dont exactly "get along". By consistently not taking part in gay events through out the city and making comments that range anywhere between "slightly homophobic" to "why the FUCK did we vote for this guy", the mayor has made it clear where he stands on the subject of homosexuality...and book reading. In 2006, Mayor Ford had this to say about aids..

"It is very preventable. If you are not doing needles and you are not gay, you wouldn’t get AIDS probably, that’s the bottom line.”

A mayor..a mayor said this...not some misinformed teacher that was accidentally hired by a principle who didnt sleep the night before the job interview...a mayor, elected by approximately three million torontonians, all of which, dont deserve the democratic voting system they so embarrassingly abuse.

This is a man who cant understand why more women were diagnosed with aids than men in toronto, and suggested that “Maybe they’re sleeping with bisexual men.”

Its at this point in my blog where id like to stop and tell a little story. This is a story about a little german boy who grew up with a unique set of beliefs. His beliefs were his own and he never acted upon them...until he managed to work his way up in the political ranking system until he got high enough to acquire the influence necessary to start a holocaust and exterminate three million people that belonged to a specific group who HE thought didnt deserve the same rights as him because of their beliefs and lifestyle. He did all this by hiding his beliefs until it was safe for him to express them. Then, slowly but surely, the people began to blindly follow their leader like sheep following a sheep herder. And ladies and gentlemen...did you know that little boy grew up to be.....Adolf Hitler! Thats right.

Now, am i suggesting that the city of Toronto is comparable to sheep in its beliefs? No, although personally i dont trust people in general if theyre in groups larger than three. I AM suggesting, however, that its not worth finding out first hand. As mean as it is to compare Rob Ford to Hitler, if he cares about all humans and wants to show it, he'll understand that by making this comparison hes helping me prove a point. This is why comments like the ones above shouldnt be tolerated on ANY level.

The MINUTE a political figure refers to a specific group of people, and then refers to the REST of the worlds people in the same sentence, the warning lights should go off, and we should rise as one to slay them.

This is a rule ive created as a general guideline, and it works. You CANT get around it. Watch.

"I think all people are equal"   =   GOOD!

"I think all people, and blacks, are equal.   =   WARNING LIGHTS!

See! So What im trying to say is that people need to learn how to recognize the early signs of danger so that we can stop it before we accidentally empower someone who will turn canada into the next germany. NOT that theres anything wrong with germany, theyre cool and produce nice cars and all...but iiiiiii dont knooow if im ready to take my eye off of them yet...