Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just A Small Piece Of My Strange Day

Today i saw a girl hit the back of a parked truck while riding her bike. The site of her crashing wasnt nearly as disturbing as her painful cries for help. As i ran across the street i failed to remember to check both ways myself. Luckily i was ok. She was a different story, though. She kept yelling about her arm and how she thought she might have broken it. I was more concerned about her spine. By now a cop had run over followed by a small group of spectators and maybe one or two people. I fell in the former category while the latter were down by her side comforting her and assuring her it was going to be ok. I dont know why i froze. I always do in these situations. When i look back i find myself wishing i had done more. At the very least, i wish i told the police officer not to move her around so much. Already having been late for a show with friends i decided to leave. I asked the police officer if there was anything i could do to help. When he said no i was on my way.
Shaken by the entire situation i found it difficult to focus on where i was going and what i was doing. On the one hand i had a show to get to and there were multiple people around, plus a police officer, to help her. On the other hand i find myself regretting leaving and wishing i had done more. Missing a show is nothing to me if i know i could help someone in a situation like that. There wasnt much i could bring to the table anyways other than misplaced comical relief, and i didnt feel like being myself at the time. I much rather would have been one of my sisters whose extensive knowledge on first aid would have been needed.
Just makes me wonder if anything in my head will ever be needed...