Thursday, September 10, 2009

THATS IT! As an act of desperation im going to force myself to write nonstop for a minute just to get a new blog out. no title not punctuation no style or revision or ANYTHING. i was gunna write about how its been a long time since i had written a new blog but i would always stop and write nothing in the end. right now im about to go to bed so as to try and wake up for a run tomorrow morning like i used to go on but i dont think ill wake up cause i always give in to temptation which is my bed sheets in every case. i cant resist sleeping. i got in to the bad habit of sleeping in last year even though i knew i was going to be late for class. i would do this every day. WTF! RIGHT! its like im useless but it felt so good... the first few times. then i just got used to it but still didnt stop. why should we get up anyways? whats the difference between being happy now and being happy later. i COULD wake up, go to school, get an education, and stave off hunger for the rest of my life...but i ALSO could stay in bed today and starve tomorrow. Who cares? were gunna die anyays. might as well die well rested right. which makes me wonder, rest in peace? they right that on everyones memorial, but why. some people, like me, do nothing BUT rest. if anything it should say "YOU BETTER BE DOING SOMETHING UP THERE" cause like fuck should they live and die resting. nobodies ok with that. speaking of death i just saw defiance i felt it was so good i would add it in to this block of writing some where. >DEFIANCE<. there. this is truly an amazing movie. i mean, i almost cried at one point, and not many movies have been able to do that to me. definitely a movie worth watching. Ok im gunna go sleep cause this forced writing has taken it out of me so as i wrap up this wall of letters and spaces i leave you with my word that i will bring more blogs this year that are funnier and more entertaining, because i know you guys check this at work and school when all the other good websites are closed off.