Monday, May 13, 2013

Iron Man 3 and some spoliers I think

Coming out of Iron Man 3 I’m reminded of a straight A student who begins the year with so much potential but slowly lets it all fall apart by graduation after letting their potential success get to their head and partying too much.
The writing in the movie seemed lazy to me. The lackadaisical attitude that was built in to Tony Starks character has now become the lackadaisical attitude of the writers showing through Tony Stark. Theres a fine line between a well scripted lazy character and just plain a lazy scripted character. There were too many “I got nothing's” and “You got me's” and “whatever's”. Yea these are funny, but thats not what i expect from the third iron man movie. Its like watching stand up comedian go up and just play off their own failure as a writer, which is a very important skill to have for when you try and fail as a writer, but nobody is ever going to want to pay to see someone talk about how lazy they are for not writing anything clever. This is where i feel Iron Man abused the trust of the people that payed to see it. Did most people like that movie? Of course. But most people also liked the first movie and it wasnt because the writers swung from one main stream reference to another. It was because they succesfully merged a superhero with that douche bag from highschool you secretly loved, despite his arrogance and ego. The ending also left me a little confused. At the end of Return of the King the cast didnt collectively take off their costumes and stop larping in the countryside, but thats all ill say. Lastly i just want to say that theres a scene where the Iron Man suits glove pulls Tony Stark to safety. This is totally a knock off of the part in Aladdin where genie saves Aladdin from drowning.