Monday, June 14, 2010

5 a.m.

Well, its five in the morning and i cant sleep. i just had a piece of toast with homemade strawberry jam, some milk in a cup i got from a bar in quebec, and two calcium supplements cause lately my joints have been hurting. i remember getting the free cup at the resteraunt. it had a brand of amaretto on the side of it but i cant be bothered to get up and check what the brand was. anyways.
we were on our way to quebec for a school trip and there was a stop off. my friends had gone to get food at a resteraunt. me and my school mate derek went to join them but didnt feel the urge to order a full meal, wait for it to get made, and then take our time enjoying and savouring said meal all within the fifteen minute window that was our bathroom break. seriously, you would have to order your meal extra rare if not still alive to get it on time. i, being the smartest student on the special ed trip just ordered a coffee since it was still pretty early. i figured however since everyone else had such a nice meal coming to them i might as well get a nice coffee. thats A NICE COFFEE not AN ICE COFFEE, right francesco? but thats a different story all together. so i wanted a nice coffee. you know the kind, with whip cream and syrop and nuts and foam and all that good stuff. while looking through the menu a fish net of an offer caught my salmon of an eye. "free glass with order of coffee"?? i was sold. i ordered the coffee. it was so beautiful when it arrived that i wanted to submerge it in liquid nitrogen and use it as a christmas tree ornament. there was whip cream and...well everything i expected and more. what never occured to me though was the connection between the coffee and the offer of a coffee cup that had an amaretto cream logo on its side. one sip of the coffee however and the connection was made. apparantly in quebec they A) dont i.d. teenagers that come in large groups cause apparantly thats what we WANT them to do and B) dont find it peculiar in the slightest that somebody would order an alcoholic coffee at 11 a.m. none the less, being the enviromentally conscious hero that i am, insisted on NOT wasting the coffee and simply started the days drinking a few hours earlier. Upon entering the bus i promptly greeted my teacher, trying to breathe out as much as possible mind you in hopes that he would catch a wiff of the amaretto that was enjoyed just moments before, and quickly made my way to the back of the bus where i slept all the way to quebec.
hey...thats it! i should just find some amaretto. that will put me to sleep right away!