Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Magnitude Part 1

So I was sitting on the couch NOT studying for the exam I have tomorrow watching Bourne Ultimatum, thinking to myself “how wonderful would it be to write a blog right about now? It’s too bad there’s nothing to write about” at which point god opened up the clouds and said “fine, here’s an earthquake, write about that.” And write I will, friends.

It was 12:37, Wednesday the 23rd. There was rubble and debris everywhere. I couldn’t see through the dust. I could hear my mother yelling in the distance and there was faint aroma lingering in the air that reminded me of my childhood. I was disorientated and my mouth was dry. I wasn’t sure how long I had been out or which way I was even facing but I knew I had to make a move soon if I was to get to my mother in time. I crawled towards the door of my bedroom and with my every ounce of strength, reached up and pulled it open, forcing all of the obstructions blocking it out of the way. Immediately the sun hit my eyes and I knew I was almost free. In the distance I could see what looked to be a rescue worker approaching me but I couldn’t see the face. They were tall, wide shoulders, the type of person that could hurt people if they wanted to but instead would dedicate their life to helping. As they got closer, I could hear their voice echoing. I looked up, squinting, thinking of my family. It was at this point when they bent over and yelled “WHY ARE YOU CRAWLING ON THE FLOOR! STOP BEING STUPID AND GO GET BREAKFAST! And CLEAN YOUR ROOM, IT LOOKS LIKE AN EARTHQUAKE HIT IN HERE!” My mother was right, I was being stupid, and my room did look like an earthquake had hit it. So, I stood up and went in to the kitchen to get food.

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