Monday, April 16, 2012

Poli Sci

Rob Ford. What can i really say about him that you havent already read on every paper, magazine, flyer, blog, facebook status, bumber sticker, or tshirt already. Hes fat, which wouldnt matter but when youre already losing, like he is in my eyes, i associate his weight with greed and gluttony, like one would with Jabba the Hut. Theres rarely a time where i see him on tv and his tone of voice alone doesnt make me cringe. So far his decision making skills seem to have stopped developing at around the stubborn age of seven. He presents no give, not even when an entire city believes the complete opposite as him. Hey, integrity is great but when youre in a position of power its dangerous. As far as danger however i dont think anyone needs to worry about Ford steering us into a wall, i think he just wants the drivers seat cause its more comfortable. So i say, give the baby his bottle until the next election where in we'll yank it away from him and let him cry himself to sleep.
"Rappa Jappa Han Solo Bringy Wingy"

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