Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Think Different?

I regret to inform you, the readers, that I am writing this blog on an apple. Yes, it seems not only were there no computers around, but no papers either so, I am writing this on an apple. Luckily it is a green apple so the writing is easy to see. Now it is only a matter of time before I come across a computer and can properly type this up so as to convey it to you.

I regret to inform you, the readers, that I am writing this blog on an apple computer. Yes, it seems not only were there no pc's around, but no bananas either because I would sooner transfer this message from an apple to a banana than from one apple to another. At least the banana peel wont crash if I try to read it.

Yes it seems that my co-op placement operates entirely on Macs, and I must hand it to them, they are good at making me look like I have never used a computer before. But I realized something about Macs too. Remember when Hitler tried to kill all of the Jews and, in turn, everyone else until nobody but the Germans was left? Yea, sound familiar doesn't it.

Yes it seems our friendly neighborhood apple store is nothing more than a concentration camp for competing electronics brands. Apple computers and hardware all together is 1st party, pure bread, apple electronics. No conflict and no fuss. Everything fits together so seamlessly and with out hesitation because they all have the same maker. No room for Jew-, sorry, MICROSOFT brand keyboards, oh no. that just won’t do.

now, I'm not saying by ANY means that Steve jobs is a racist or some kind of reincarnation of Hitler...though...I should look that up. All I'm saying is that in a world as diverse as ours there should me MANY brands of computer, mp3 player, and cell phone. I mean, look how far and high apples reputation has climbed in such little time. It used to take DECADES for companies to earn the trust of the people and NOW we are willing to get attached to anything that lets us touch their screen. I for one won’t stand for it.

Yes it seems Alex has come to another crossroads in his life. He must, AGAIN, purchase an mp3 player. This time, though, he's going for the big leagues. 120 Gigabyte hard-drive at LEAST. Of course Ipod is the first thing that comes to mind, and also LEAVES my mind. I refuse to suckle at the dried out tit of Steve jobs. Up until now it was between the ipod and the zune ONLY because they were the only two that could even compare to one another, but I’ve decided against the ipod for a riskier approach. Say what you will but I want to stand out from the crowd. I can think. I NOTICE that there is an IPOD section and an MP3 section at the store. WHY!?! THIS IS SEGREGATION ALL OVER AGAIN! No, I think ill chance it with the zune. Everywhere I turn there are people forgiving and compromising for apple electronics. Who could stay mad at such a nice, clean, white mp3 player or computer? But I want everyone to know that in the future, if apples slogan becomes "WHITE POWER" I called it!

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