Sunday, October 4, 2009

FUCK titles

I had an ENTIRE fuckin blog ready about how i was at work and i opened a box full of mirrors and tripped out cause i thought i was IN the box or something, and it was pretty good too. But looking over it, its just not me. I couldnt help but think to myself, "FUCK alex, YOUVE LOST IT!"
Gone are the days of yogurt cups and centapides, now i am tied down with friends, girlfriends, and "emoooootions". What the hell happened? i used to be a loser too! HONEST! I used to be able to talk about nothing and keep people happy all day. BUT NO! Im not funny anymore, now i have REAL things to talk about. NOW i am "GRACED" with the oppurtunity to talk about how one of my BEST friends is never going to talk to me again. and WHY?!? BECAUSE I decided to, INSTEAD of STAYING IN THE SAFE CONFINES of my room, up and LEAVE at 6 in the morning TO BE SPONTANEOUS and BUS IT UP TO A FUCKING TOWN IVE NEVER EVEN BEEN TO! WELL FUCK! NEVER AGAIN. i was WAY funnier before i grew faith in the world and i liked it. My anger and bitterness kept me warm. But NOW i have "FRIEDNS". NOW i can see the BEAUTIFUL side of the world. I mean HERES a person who i could COUNT on calling me everynight just to talk with and vent to. BEST friend I ever had, and what do I DO? i FUCK IT UP LIKE ITS A KID WHO LEARNED THE ALPHABET BACKWARDS!
Dont get me wrong, this isnt without its life lesson, but in the end, NO lesson is worth what i lost. I would GLADLY cut off my pinky finger just to prove a POINT to this person. But decapitation isnt always enough. No, i could hurl myself into a combine harvester and STILL not make things better. So what do i do? i LIVE with it. i LIVE with a scar that will never heal. Like IM prometheus and THEYRE THOUGHT is the eagle that comes down and feasts on my liver EVERY DAY. SO there. Maybe a piece of funny alex died or maybe the world just got a little darker itself. Its like the comedian said, "Once you realize what a joke everything is, being the Comedian is the only thing that makes sense." and i agree. Fuck taking things seriously and screw getting attached. Now all i need to do is figure out what to do with these two CN Tower tickets...


    DUDE, me and you could go to the CN Tower. We'll chuck things at pedestrians!

    That'd be total brutal.