Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Perfect Girl

christina. says:
man .. i dont know this girl. but she better be able to appreciate your sense of humour if shes gonna be with you .....
just saying

Alexander Varoutas says:
lol she cant
i would have to lock my sense of humor in the attick and deny having it
and try to convince her that the scratching noises coming from the attick were nothing
thats it
it would eat leftovers and never see the light
and like a flower it would wilt and slowly die
and id marry her and forget who i was
unhappy i would do whatever she wanted until one day
one of us died
if its me
if its her
i might just go rummaging
through the old stuff in the attic and find its corpse
and that once sick, demented, funny part of me will compell me to wear its skin like a cape
making me funny again
but that weird type of funny
that scares kids and turns adults away..
i hope i die first

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