Monday, March 14, 2011

Alex and Derek Write A Blog

There once was a time where writing a blog was a singular activity. Tonight, however, were gunna double team this blog...
What were going to do is take turns writing sentences. It will start with me and go to derek and then come back to me.

A:Theres always that one friend you can rely on for anything.
D:One friend that you can count on any time, except for three in the morning.
A:Unfortunately, that friend isnt here right now, and im stuck with derek.
D:Youre a dick.
A:How am i a dick, its true. You never done shit for me.
D:Oh yea? Remember when we took that tv down to your basement at one in the morning? Oh suck your own dick. Sorry i wasnt writing that i was talking to the roll up the rim cup. I didnt know you were gunna be writing everything i said.
A:Well i am so dont get ahead of yourself, i want my blog to still sound somewhat intelligent after this.
D:Turn this fuckin music off i cant concentrate.
A:No its my room and Wyclef is a genius.
D:This is the worst idea ever, its gunna be the worst blog.
A:Thats only cause your doing it wrong. Youre supposed to be funny. Say something funny.
D:Dont take candy from strangers.
A:Thats not funny, thats FUN! AHA! GET IT!
A:Get out.
D:Youre in MY house.
A:No im not, look around you-...wait...
D:And thats why you dont take candy from strangers.
D:*picks up coat hanger* Where do coat hangers come from?
A:Coat hanger trees.
D:Oh is it my turn again?
A:Thats enough of this.

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