Wednesday, July 28, 2010

cant sleep...clown will eat me

This is my attempt at squeezing out a blog cause im just not inspired lately to the point where it’s a very long and painful effort to write one. I want to learn how to play the piano more and more with every month. I recently started listening to thelonious monk and that’s only made me want to learn more. Ill get on it and learn though, rest assured. It’ll happen. Then, I can seduce all the women in the world with my sexy piano playing and voice. I was trying to decide what movie to watch tonight. My choices were Eternal sunshine on the Spotless Mind or Taxi Driver. I chose taxi driver. Then I switched to eternal sunshine. Taxi driver is just fucked up, like the ending in Chinatown, you just don’t wanna see that stuff more than once in case it rubs off on you and you become psycho yourself. Imagine me driving a taxi…eventually it would get to the point where anyone hailing a taxi would hope they don’t catch me, and when they get in they’ll say, “FUCK, NOT YOU!” and ill smile and say “where to?” im probably never going to get married….or I will get married but ill end up being one of those couples that people don’t like. You know the crazy people that just feed eachothers abnormalities and encourage one anothers strange behavior? I was watching block party by chappelle and there was this weird couple that lived in some abandoned building. The wife thought she was a witch-sorry, WAS a witch. Who am I to judge. OMG INCEPTION WAS SICK! You HAVE to go see this movie it’ll blow your fuckin mind. I came out of the theatre and my brain was sore, though, I sat in the front most row so that might have something to do with it too, but I credit the movie too cause it really was one of those movies that you have to work hard to keep up with. Its like a tour around a museum where the tour guide is on a moped and you have to run to keep up with him, but in the end, the museum turns out to be your relationship with your father or something. Its weird but SO good omg…go see it. I don’t wanna ruin the end for you but, Leonardo decaprio dies. Turns out there was an ice berg in the water and the whole ship sinks. Im not sure what im talking about anymore…I don’t have anything fueling me anymore….what am I saying….sheppards pie must behave…fml…I cant sleep….im tempted to delete all this cause it’s the most pointless blog ever…but…this is more writing then what I did in the past five years of high school. No im posting it…cant sleep…cant sleep….clown will eat me….cant sleep….clown will eat me…. Jimmy falon sucks..