Thursday, November 26, 2009

Symphony of Destruction

So I just got back from the Toronto symphony orchestra playing Shostakovich’s symphony #5...and all I can say about my first symphony is...why are we going to the movies more often than the symphony?!
The amount of power in the performance I just saw was amazing. True revolution music. I mean this music was MOVING. It’s like these people are like the military of music. They play all together and in sync like rhythmic marching, except instead of marching their fingers dance on the necks of their violins and cellos. All in uniform and at the exact same places. It was so perfect, as though the music wasn’t coming from the musicians but instead I was watching the world’s largest game of multiplayer guitar hero and they were all too scared of each other to screw up. But it WAS them and THEM were amazing. They painted the air with the message being driven across by Shostakovich himself. Truly a product of the Russia it was born in to because when they are playing, they can manipulate the density of the air you breathe if they want to. At one point I was paralyzed at their command, waiting to see what their next note was going to be (which sucked cause I had an itch I really needed to scratch). If they wished it, they could make your every breath drive you to stand up and revolt. REVOLT! And revolt I did! To the nearest authority figure I could find. So right when the music reached its peak I reached mine. I stood up, out of my seat and jumped on stage. Chest out! Fist on my chest! And a look in my eye that said I am inspired! I am a man! And I HAVE A DREAM!
I was escorted out of the hall but this isn’t without its lesson. I am still inspired, and I will put this passion towards becoming the best piano player this world has seen.
But I also just got fallout 3 though so I think I’ll just do that.

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