Thursday, November 1, 2012

The REAL Zombie Apocalypse

Say what you will about Star Wars, i was never really attached to the bastard child of George Lucas anyways. I was always a fan of Lord of the Rings: good, wholsome fantasy fun. But it seems theyve both gone the way of the goose who was cursed with the ability to lay golden eggs: slaughtered mercilessly in an attempt to find endless amounts of money in its stomach, and when nothing was found its innards were shaped into eggs and sold anyways (see: Bourne Legacy, Taken 2, Expendables 3(Expendables sucked anyways the first time around but it was a welcomed suck, now its an unwelcomed suck, like a leech)). You want your zombie apocolypse? You got it. But its not with people, its with movies. Movies are being resurrected from the dead to aimlessly wander the world, feasting on the brains of the children who are too young to appreciate the originals and what they once meant to people. Thats what this is! There IS a zombie apocolypse going on! Its just in movies!

...Lock and load...

Now that Disneys bought out Lucas Films theyve agreed together that theres going to be an episode 7 to the star wars saga which will then apparently be followed by an 8 and a 9. “Im happy to see the movies passed down from generation to genreation” says George Lucas, the sick fuck. Reading his words brings to my mind the mental image of a cult affiliated-louisiana-inbreed-back swamp dwelling-priest-father talking about his many daughters from his many wives, born to live in captivity on his sex farms used well into old age when theyre unattractive and unfertile. This is what the movie industry is. And movie crossovers? Incest. Straight up.

I’m beginning to feel like Star Wars was born for one purpose. Mass prostitution. And, I have to admit, I feel for the poor girl. Times are changing and things that were once shocking and wrong are becoming socially acceptable. Like swearing in front of a lady, now its become acceptable to sell and trade our children for use by strangers. (its a metaphor for movies and their makers, dont get too excited you sick fuck)

Unfortunately my beloved Lord of the Rings seems to have gone the same way, but at least The Hobbit its still being directed by Peter Jackson. Still, i cant hold out much hope that the story in the movie will be anything similar to that of the original book. I mean, how on earth can a book shorter than The Fellowship Of The Ring be made out to be longer than the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy combined. Its like what they do to the chickens at McDonalds. If we stop and look at just the past year in movies alone, we can easily see some of the worst cases. Id like to share one trilogy that was near and dear to my heart, until a fourth movie was awkwardly attached to it, like a pinky finger surgically attached to a foot. No, not Indiana Jones, even he at least still had his whip. Im talking Bourne. They didnt even CALL Matt Damon about these. They just went ahead with it. Matt Daemon literally woke up one morning, opened up the movie listings page in the paper, and yelled “Honey....remember that time i came home at 6am really really drunk and couldnt remember what i did the night before? ...I think i did another Bourne movie...” The first two movies had different directors, fine. But even they stayed somewhat relevant to one another stylistically. This fourth one had literally nothing to do with the others. No sneaking, no cool soundtrack, not even any cool countries to visit. The Philippines? Who the fuck wants to see the philippines? No offence to the “flips” out there but im just saying,, Canadas not on the radar either.

My point is we need to be ready cause the pots about to bubble over with remakes and sequels and thats when the apocalypse. After that we can have our cleansing but until then i suggest we bundle up with our favorite oldies and indies and lock and load till the whole thing blows over.

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