Sunday, January 16, 2011

Theoden king stands alone....Not alone.

So its my sisters birthday and shes stuck in south Africa- rather, shes enjoying herself in South Africa helping the needy and feeding the hungry, for she IS the reincarnation of mother Teresa.
I would be lying if i said that i thought i would miss my sister at any point through out her absence. We never really talked or interacted much at home unless one of us wanted to change the channel which usually led to a fight and this would be the closest we ever got. However, it seems that now as the seventh month is nearing its end, i am beginning to actually notice her absence. Like the absence of that ambient humming you get from a florescent light, it took me a while to actually realize that she was gone, and you don't think you would mind, but you kind of miss it after a while. I kind of miss her eating all the ice cream before i get any, and i also kind of miss how she would enter the room and change the channel on the TV as you're watching the season finale of house and aren't going to get a chance to see it again until it airs again a few months down the road, by which time you've already fallen the fuck behind and just stopped watching the series all together cause who the fuck wants to continue if they missed the last episode of the season...KIND of miss it. I could still go without it though.

...anyways, happy birthday and i miss you and i await your return. Like Gandalf said to Aragorn in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, "Look to my coming, at first light, on the fifth day. At dawn, look to the East." On the day you're coming back, We will be looking to the east for your plane. Ill probably be the only one thinking of lord of the rings though.


  1. i love eff but what about the blog about me and my almost puking?

  2. Um, okay. First of all, house? I love house. I appreciate the sentiment, i think. Miss u too!

  3. Lmaoooooo the humming of a florescent light lmao Effy he misses you. Trust me. He came in the other room and was jumping and screaming EFFYS ALMOST HOME EFFYS ALMOST HOME. it's January which means next is Feb which means EFFYS COMING HONE. Lmao true story

  4. Ok like were going to trust anonymous over here.