Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer School Summer Sucks

First day of summer school today...well, first day THIS year. I have experienced the concentration camp that is summer school before in my life. I was lucky enough to have earned all of my credits last year and didn’t go last summer. But like a jail bird that has spent most of his life in prison, I found I had nothing to do with all of the free time in my system. Most teenagers would go to the beach and enjoy the time off from school. I guess I’ve grown to rely on school as my major source of plans in my life which probably isn’t good.

Anyways, I’m stuck taking a full credit course which translates to five and a half hours a day in a school with no A/C. Not to mention that it’s a school that I’ve never been to. The school board expecting me to learn in a new school is like going to a friend’s house for the first time and them expecting you to shower...with 30 other students. Although, this HAS proven to be a good opportunity in the past as it has helped me meet a lot of new people and make new friends, the summer school I mean, not the showering with 30 other students, everybody is just quiet through out that. Yes, under these dire conditions it is necessary to find your group of friends as fast as possible if you intend to survive the crucial first days. It’s not yet clear to me why, but the crowd just seems gloomier at summer school, like I’m on the ship of lost souls or something. You walk in to the room and literally every type of social group is represented, you have your jocks who were too busy partying and hooking up with girls to pass, the fobs who just couldn’t speak the language and failed cause of that, the creepy Goth kids that appear to have just taken summer school because they needed something to complain about, and the "cool" stoner kids who, as far as they're concerned, never left normal school. First impressions are important because of this. It is important to establish your normality so that you can band together with the other normals and survive summer school without changing. Summer school is especially dangerous because it is during the summer that people are most likely to get bored and in turn want to try new things and get involved in new crowds.

I wonder about the teachers at the school too. What kind of teacher in their right mind would voluntarily teach during the summer? None of them will. I'm convinced that they just pull people off of the street and sit them in front of the class. I saw one teacher lean back in his chair once and start telling the class about how lucky they were to have shoes. Sounds like homeless talk to me.

Difficult to learn under these circumstances. If anything, I hear that if you fail summer school you can sign up for winter school. Needs looking in to.

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  1. Ahahaha, all the shit about the different groups is so true LOL.